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At Indigo Green we believe that hiring the right person for the job can have a profound impact on business success.   To recruit top talent requires the alignment of strategic direction, resource planning, competency identification and mapping, candidate sourcing and effective selection.


Indigo Green supports organisations in applying transparent, robust and fair recruitment practices through a number of different services:

Recruitment planning


We will provide expert advice on the most effective ways to attract and select top talent for your organisation.  Whilst this is entirely bespoke and dependent upon the nature of your business and stage of growth, the recruitment plan will incorporate an attraction strategy aligned to the company and employer branding as well as a selection strategy focused on effective use of available resources.

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Selection process design & implementation

We will design selection processes and support the initial implementation of these processes to ensure that they are effectively deployed within your organisation.  Activities could include (but are not limited to) the identification and documentation of key behavioural and functional competencies, selection of relevant and appropriate psychometric assessments, interview design and assessment centre design. 

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Assessor and interviewer training

We will design and facilitate bespoke assessor and interviewer training for both HR and Line Managers to ensure that they are competent and comfortable in conducting fair, legally compliant and robust interviews and assessments. 

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Interviewing and assessing support

Both SMEs and large corporations sometimes need support in the practical implementation of interviews and assessments.  As experienced interviewers and assessors, we can support you in conducting professional interviews according to your established practices and competency models.

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