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Recruitment Planning


For a Latin American based management consulting firm opening their first office in Europe, designed a recruitment plan to hire graduates to work in London.  This involved both the creation of an attraction strategy and the development and implementation of robust and appropriate selection tools, including competency based interviews, case studies and aptitude tests.  The attraction component included the development of promotional materials for use in campus and on-line recruitment, as well as identifying and building relationships with key European universities on behalf of the client.   With increased brand awareness, the client was able to attract and recruit top graduate talent from leading universities.  The strength of the relationships built and the impact on campus led to a top global business school inviting the client to participate in a promotional video.  


Selection Process Design


For a mid-sized European oil & gas firm, designed a selection process for recruiting technical and commercial graduates.  Created competency indicators linked to the client’s leadership development framework and incorporated these into assessment tools including an in-tray exercise, competency based interviews and candidate presentation to be used in an assessment centre.


Assessor Training


For a global private equity firm, designed and delivered an interview training programme to introduce professional staff in the London office to the principles of objective interviewing, the impact of bias, and how to ask effective, relevant and structured questions to identify top talent.


Assessor Support


For an oil-major, conducted behavioural competency interviews, as well as participated as an assessor in graduate and MBA assessment centres adhering to the standardised tools and methodologies used by the client.  Also supported the client with competency and case interviews for experienced hire professionals and acted as the interim MBA Recruitment Manager in Europe for 12 months.

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